Whether you need ratchets and rods, lights and ladders, a poster conversion system, or a complete billboard frame changeout, Irvin Steel's pricing, quality, options and customer service will make your job easier and faster. 


Ratchet Assemblies

Billboard InstallationFor vinyl sign installation, these assemblies come in two styles - our light duty version, a 1,500lb ratchet available in 63” and 168”

or our heavier duty version, a 3,000 lb yellow chromated ratchet available in 63”, 80”, 144” and 192”. Our ratchets are corrosion

resistant, while our webbing is UV protected. Plus, our 3000 lb ratchet features an extra large handle for added comfort.

Please note: ratchets are sold by the case.


Gripper Rods

PrinterISI stocks only solid fiberglass rods - vinyl sign installation’s safest and most durable partner to the ratchet assembly. We were the first to
research and compare solid fiberglass rod to plastic PVC piping and hollow fiberglass rods. Other products, including those listed above,
can be conductive. For that reason, we stock only solid fiberglass rods. The largest stock of rod in the industry, ISI’s choices include 5/8”
and 3/4” diameter in the following lengths: 10ft, 20ft • 12ft • 14ft • 22ft • 24ft. We also offer 1/2" diameter rod in 10ft and 12ft lengths.


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